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Great Plains

It looks just like the 1890ís style saddle you remember as a kid, but with saddle bars to fit your grown-up horses. Itís got eight saddle strings and two-piece seat jockeys and a three-piece horn brass ring rig, double-rigged, so you canít go wrong. Re-enactors, mountain-shooters and those with a touch of nostalgia are big fans of this classic old style.

Pictured is an example of this saddle style, and does not represent the default saddle style. Default style is without any tooling or accessories.

Tree: Great Plains slick with Butch Cassidy Dip.
Gullet: 8½" high by 6¼" modified or SQH (QH and FQH

Swell: 8½" wide.
Horn: 3½" high with high dome 3½" oval cap.
Cantle: 4½" by 12½" beveled cantle.
Seat: 14" to 18" in half inch increments.
Rigging: 7/8 bronze ring, rigged double dee in rear.
Stirrups: 3" or 4" brass bound bell.
Stirrup leathers & fenders: Old style outside or exposed
            with loop seat.

Skirts: Traditional square pointed braided rear jockeys,
            staple pouch on back cantle.

Weight: Approx. 44 lbs.

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