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Lady Wade / Wade Lite

It’s one of our own designs and a current bestseller, created for those looking for lighter weight comfort and a specially-designed narrow seat. McCall’s in-skirt Hamley plate rigging’s shaped like and pulls like a flat plate, but without the bulkiness, so you’re a winner however you use it; dragging calves to the fire or doing a good full day’s work.

Pictured is an example of this saddle style, and does not represent the default saddle style. Default style is without any tooling or accessories.

Tree: McCall custom Wade Lite® with laminated integral
             hard-wood wood post horn, rawhide covered with             rawhide lace.

Gullet: 7½" high by 6¼" wide SQH standard (regular (narrow)
            QH and FQH available).

Swell: 7" wide.
Horn: 3" by 4" finished.
Cantle: 4" by 12".
Seat: 13" to 17" in half inch increments.
ltigging: Standard 7/8 Hamley in-skirt rear dee.
Sth'rups: 3" rawhide bell standard or cover of your choice.
Stirrup leathers: Half western 3" standard.
Weight: Approx 34 lbs.

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