How It’s Made

Director Gabriel Hoss of MAJ productions and Cameraman Pierre Lambert, along with two other crew members, arrived at DryFork Saddle Co. early in the morning of March 12, 2010 to start filming for the Western Saddle segment of Discovery Science channels “How It’s Made” production. We had been informed several months prior that our company had been chosen for the western saddle segment ofthe show, and as you can imagine we were both surprised, and excited. When the film crew arrived it didn’t take long for them to notice that we’re just one big happy family here at DryFork’s. The crew soon warmed up to us, and the camera’s started rolling.

In preparation to their arrival we planned which steps of our production were to be filmed, and in what stages. When all was said and done we had to make 17 of the exact same saddle that were all in various stages of production in order to film one complete saddle in one day of filming. They were very proficient at what they did, yet took the time to get to know us individually. The whole experience was a pleasant one, and plenty of smiles and laughs were to be had throughout the day. After fourteen hours of filming they shook our hands, loaded up and said good bye. The segment has already premiered but you can still catch it on re-runs or look it up on season 7, episode 8. Here are a few photo’s of that day, enjoy!